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SPRITE High Output Shower Filter

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The Sprite Industries are the innovators of shower filters and are known to be the world’s finest, enabling everybody to enjoy chlorine free showers the world over.

Chlorine is universally used to chemically disinfect water. Chlorine is added to your water to destroy germs, bacteria and living organisms. You are also a living organism, and your body is affected by chlorine internally as well as externally.


Shower Filter

Clean & Clear Sprite Shower Filter

Chlorine is used to kill harmful pathogens in our country’s water supply. Unfortunately, while you’re cleaning dirt and bacteria off your body, your shower head is spraying you with the harmful pesticide that is chlorine. Chlorine is able to enter the body through inhalation and is easily absorbed by the skin, causing a wide variety of health problems for you and your family, such as rashes and other skin conditions. Your hair can dry out, and skin can become irritated thanks to the harsh chlorine coming out of our showers. Chlorine can negatively effect your family’s long term health, comfort and even personal appearance.

But there is hope! Our Sprite Shower Filter surpasses many other filter systems for removal of chlorine in hot shower conditions. Using our filter can help reduce all the health risks associated with unfiltered, chlorine-filled municipal water. With our Sprite Shower Filter, allergies, and illnesses associated with chlorine inhalation can be prevented; hair can become softer and dandruff reduced; and skin is more likely to stay moisturised.kin.  Using a shower filter removes the risk of any dry effects and health concerns

No need to worry about complicated instalment procedures, this filter’s replacement cartridges are easy to install. Able to filter up to 70,000 litres of water, our Sprite Shower Filter can remove chlorine for over a year, helping to ensure that you and your family stay healthy.

Our Sprite Shower Filter outperforms other systems for chlorine removal in hot shower conditions.

Features of our Sprite shower filter:

  • Removes harmful chlorine
  • Prevents allergies and illnesses caused by chlorine inhalation
  • Makes hair softer and helps to prevent dandruff
  • Prevents dry and sensitive skin
  • Uses patented Chlorgon non-carbon media for filtration
  • High strength durable construction
  • Replacement cartridges are easy to fit
  • Removes chlorine for over a year by filtering up to 70,000 litres of water.
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