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Water Filter Replacement Cartridges

Sprite Slimline Shower Filter Cartridges

These Sprite filter cartridges contain a patented Chlorgon (non-carbon media) to remove chlorine at a wider temperature range than ever before. This specialised filtration media removes or reduces potentially harmful contaminants from your shower water, including: chlorine, iron oxide, dirt, sediment and odour.

Omnipure Cartridge

Our tap water is generally not as good as it should be, while tap water that meets federal and state standards should be safe to drink,Threats to drinking water quality and quantity are increasing. From short term health alerts linked to contaminated water to restrictions on water use during droughts.

15L Water Tank

Water Tank W RO System

Water Tank 3

Water Tank 2

Aussi Aqua Bottled Water Dispenser



15 Litres Bottled Water

8 Liter Fridge Bottle With Lever Tap

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