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Aussi Aqua Filtration Specialist, with more than 30 years of experience, offers the perfect filtration solutions for your home, school or workplace. We buy the perfect and the most reliable products directly from manufacturers, which are guaranteed for the best quality at the most competitive prices.

Aussi Aqua Filtration Specialist provides an affordable water filter service in PERTH, GOLD COAST, MELB, BRISBANE, and the NSW (Central Coast, Greater NSW, and Wollongong Areas) for installing water in an extensive range of water purifiers. We aim to provide high-quality service and perform any type of job that is needed to keep the system functioning optimally at all times. Our specialist team of experts strives 24 x 7, to provide you with expert support. We are here to meet you and provide you with the consultation!

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Water Filter Solutions

We all need clean and safe water from a stable and reliable source. More people nowadays are becoming aware of tap water contaminants. That’s why quality solutions, that protect against harmful chemicals and microorganisms in the water, are necessary. That is why we at Aussi Aqua offer quality water filter solutions for household and business. In order to provide pleasant beverage experiences, we install water filters, which are proven to eliminate sediments, unwanted tastes and scents, bacteria and micro particles.

Water Filter Services In Australia

All parts used in water filters should be made to the highest quality. The system should also be installed perfectly. That’s why letting professionals do the job is your best choice. Also, Aussi Aqua Filtration Specialist have a dedicated team of skilled experts who have already performed thousands of installations for water filters for residents and businesses. Even if your system is of another brand, you can rely on our proven experience to permanently fix the problems related to your water filter. We help our customers by providing a quick and effective service on a 24-hour basis even during weekends and holidays.

Quality Products

We provide high-quality products and we supply components from the world’s leading manufacturers that fulfil the highest water filter standards in Australia. We offer water filters, benchtop water filters, drinking fountains, water bubblers, chillers for sinks, reverse osmosis systems, instant boiling and chilled water tap and other clean water solutions. Many residents and businesses can access clean and safe water with our affordable systems for water treatment. We are proud of being able to meet all our customers’ unique requirements. The secret of our success lies with the application of rigorous scientific principles to our products. We make every drop of water you drink tasty and free of any harmful elements with our advanced purification processes.

Best Prices

The good news is that at we provide excellent services with affordable rates when you choose us. Our pricing beats that of all of our competitors, whether it is a simple water filter replacement or a house filtration system. We buy the products we need directly from the manufacturers. Rest assured that we install only leading brands. We exclusively distribute some of our products such as the compact 2-stage Undersink Water Filter AUF2000. We also offer affordable services. Because of the know-how, speed and efficiency of our team, we will complete or repair each installation more quickly than others.

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Thanks to the clean and clear water offered by our filtration system, our top brands and exclusive products ensure the safety of your family. Find out more about our excellent solutions.

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