Aragon Standard Filter Cartridge

These new Aragon filters represent the most up-to-date technology for water treatment and viruses, bacteria and cysts removal. That makes it possible to get completely safe and health-promoting water.

The tested Aragon cartridges have shown 100% water decontamination efficiency from viral pollution. and will also remove 99.9% of human pathogens, i.e. rotaviruses and noroviruses, from water.

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The Aragon filter solid block material is a bacteriostatic polymer made from additives of silver and granules of ion-exchange resins. Hardness salts, dissolved and colloidal iron, heavy metals and there compounds are removed through the resin and polymer ion-exchange properties. The Aragon filters capacity also provides removal of active chlorine, chlorine containing compounds and organic compounds.

Mechanical impurities are filtered out through the surface layers with extremely high accuracy.

SGS-polymers have shown the best results in the complex removal of harmful impurities. Elements and compounds including heavy metals and radioactive materials are removed through ion-exchange and sorption mechanisms.

This filter can be used as well as the main element in water treatment and decontamination systems and as one of the pre-treatment stages, e.g. as a part of the membranes protection against bio contamination.

The Aragon Plus is comparable to polymeric UF/MF membranes (that are for domestic use) in efficiency. But it has greater productivity and significantly lower pressure drop.

Provides higher efficiency of filtration and kinetic absorption as compared to standard nonwoven fabrics including granular activated carbon.

Absolutely environmentally-friendly. It can be used for potable water treatment and decontamination according to GOST R 51871-02, 51232-98.